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When you were in primary school, you might have known exactly what you wanted to do when you grew up. Today, as you are about to step into college, you may not be so sure. The Indian industry has expanded manifold and brought in a plethora of opportunities with it for young students and academicians looking to start a career.

Choosing a career is a complex, multi-step process. It requires learning about yourself and the occupations you are considering. The starting point for a review of options after class XII is your choice of subjects. Not all choices for higher studies are linked to the academic background you have laid down. Then there are those that are suited only to individuals with a certain temperament and/ or talent. Some options are very academically demanding and require long years of study, while others are more personality-oriented.

As far as courses after 10+2 are concerned, there are many different, various options available like graduation, professional certificate, diploma and degree courses.

What are your passions? Which is the right course for you? Will your preferred course guarantee a viable career?

The above questions haunt every student who is about to finish 10+2 or has just finished with his/her board exams. You do not have to shoot in the dark anymore.

Nikhil Malhotra, based out of Delhi, is an eminent career coach, mentor and counsellor, who has mentored more than 1 lakh students in his career spanning almost two decades. His intellect and expertise in the field of career coaching has developed over the course of preparing thousands of students for Logical Ability for MBA, Law, IIT JEE, IAS etc. He is also associated with the Australian Technical and Management College, Australia as a regional Director and helps students in exploring vast career opportunities outside India as well.

If you are struggling with making the right choice in your career, then the success of 1 lakh+ students is testament to the fact that you should meet Nikhil once before making a career choice…

Nikhil can solve life’s problems for you and help you sprint faster towards your goals

Looking for an expert career consultant to mentor you and enable you to achieve more in life?

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