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Higher education is all about expanding your mind, and growing into a worldly citizen. For many students, the pinnacle of this development occurs while studying abroad. Through enhanced foreign language skills, experiencing other cultures, attending programs not available at your home institution, and just having fun while exploring, studying abroad can be an awesome and extremely fulfilling time.

With the vast expanse of study abroad programs available at almost every university, it becomes extremely difficult and confusing for a student to identify the best colleges and universities that offer the course of his/her choice.

There are several factors that come into play here – fees, course duration, location, alumni, work visa etc. are some factors that plague every student’s mind who is looking to study abroad.

We are sure you also want to take an informed career decision like more than 1 lakh students who have met Nikhil Malhotra to clarify their career related doubts.

Nikhil Malhotra, based out of Delhi, is an eminent career coach, mentor and counsellor, who has mentored more than 1 lakh students in his career spanning almost two decades. His intellect and expertise in the field of career coaching has developed over the course of preparing thousands of students for Logical Ability for MBA, Law, IIT JEE, IAS etc. He is also associated with the Australian Technical and Management College, Australia as a regional Director and helps students in exploring vast career opportunities outside India as well.

If you are struggling with making the right choice in your career, then the success of 1 lakh+ students is testament to the fact that you should meet Nikhil once before making a career choice…


Nikhil can solve life’s problems for you and help you sprint faster towards your goals

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