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The number of Indian students going abroad to study have increased manifold in the past several years. Students who want to study abroad must want to study at the best foreign location and want to pursue the best course which can offer them the best career opportunities after completion of the course.

In this regard, some locations which are most sought after are USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and now Singapore is also emerging as another popular study abroad destination.

As far as courses are concerned, MBA is one such course which is very sought after in every country followed by engineering and medicine courses. Apart from these courses there are other courses too which are famous among students such as hospitality, fashion designing, animation, tourism and courses related to entertainment. There are also some conventional courses which are famous among students such as IT, life sciences, science and arts in UK, USA and Australia.

So are you sure about the location and course that you want to pursue? Are you sure about the return on investment in your chosen course? Are you sure there isn’t a better course that you have chosen?

These are just some haunting questions that may be bothering you and giving you sleepless nights. We do not want you to shoot in the dark. We want you to take an informed decision. Meet Nikhil!

Nikhil Malhotra, based out of Delhi, is an eminent career coach, mentor and counsellor, who has mentored more than 1 lakh students in his career spanning almost two decades. His intellect and expertise in the field of career coaching has developed over the course of preparing thousands of students for Logical Ability for MBA, Law, IIT JEE, IAS etc. He is also associated with the Australian Technical and Management College, Australia as a regional Director and helps students in exploring vast career opportunities outside India as well.

If you are struggling with making the right choice in your career, then the success of 1 lakh+ students is testament to the fact that you should meet Nikhil once before making a career choice…

Nikhil can solve life’s problems for you and help you sprint faster towards your goals

Looking for an expert career consultant to mentor you and enable you to achieve more in life?

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