IIT JEE results are out. Now get set for donations in admissions!

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IIT JEE results are out. Now get set for donations in admissions!

The beginning is the most important part of the work. – Plato

You know the secret to living the life of your dreams? You should start living the life of your dreams today. It’s June already and what is at stake? Final examinations, entrance examinations, colleges and interviews all lined up. It’s the best time to sit and contemplate on, ‘Where on from here?’

“He claims he is eligible for the seat as he paid donation first; she says she was the first to pay fee”

Yes, IIT JEE results are out! And the dangers of ‘donation’ is back to haunt us yet again!   This trend of granting and receiving donations isn’t something that we are surprised about anymore. We are all apprised with this unavoidable trend and movement of cash that transpires on the many Educational Institutions’ desk. The culture of donations, especially, during Medical and Engineering college admissions across the country, is a peril today. The demand of donation to secure admission. “Donations up to Rs 1 crore to get admission to postgraduate course is an open secret now!

Middlemen who charge money for exploiting their academic powers

Besides, there is the other unavoidable risk of the glorious ‘Middlemen’ who charge money for exploiting their academic influences. It is the greed of such foolish students, who along with their over- pressurizing Family members that help these ‘Middlemen’ to pursue their avarice. They are not here to make any dreams come true for the students but just make their own ends meet. Something which students and their equally desperate families tend to overlook. Many have been looted and harassed by such Middlemen.While some were duped of big amount, many others were tormented with document theft or other such related concerns.

Desperate students and their more so desperate acts.

There are numerous cases of incidents where students who pay money to get into colleges that otherwise couldn’t have based on their efforts and their merit. one of such curious case is that of the 150th medical seat at the Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences in Bangalore, for the year 2014-15 has reached its final stage before the High Court. Two students, each claiming the last available seat, on the basis of their respective “donations’ paid to the institution. While the case remains hanging in the court, the future of such students remain uncertain, despite having reserved the seats with a sum of rupees 1.5 crore!

The undeniable pressure to outperform

There is a loud and clear message sent to these kids who have gotten their admission reserved, through such explicit unavoidable means, to prove of their efficacy. There is an insurmountable pressure on them, that sometimes they just breakdown and under perform. so much so that one professor was quoted saying, ” If admission is given to non-meritorious students, quality of doctors these colleges produce will be affected”. Infact many such cases of harassment have been heard, but seldom reported.

Initiatives on this menace in past years

“There is substantial (sic) black money changing hands mainly through cash transactions in the education sector. It is usually in the form of big amounts that are not stated in balance sheets,” a source familiar with the developments told a leading english newspaper.

Incredibly, it is surprising that there are no official figures available, but a private study by the Mumbai-based Centre for Research and Prevention of Computer Crimes in 2014 reports that the business of education generates around Rs 48,400 crore of black money annually. Hence, a special team tasked with investigating black money is strongly positioned to detect, curb and recover illegal wealth finding its way into educational institutions – from schools and colleges with the intent of cracking down on extensive use of unaccounted funds in the education sector by way of donations and capitation fee.

What’s the Solution?

Many states have come up with measures to deal this menace. States like Maharashtra, to check the menace of donations and regulate admissions in colleges, the state government has introduced the ‘Maharashtra Unaided Private Professional Education Institutions (Regulation of Admission Fees) Act, 2015,’ in the assembly.Thereby calling to conduct the common entrance test (CET), putting an end to the tests by private and unaided professional education institutions from the next academic year (2016-17).

Besides, to make things a little easier for those students who are unable to acquire a seat through their merit, some of the Medical college seats open to students on merit has shrunk by 50 as four colleges which are city-based colleges such as; Gujarat Cancer Society Medical College, CU Shah Medical College and Hospital at Surendranagar, Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Science at Bhuj and Pramukh Swami Medical College at Karamsad. They have decided to grant admission against the management quota on their own to give opportunity to those students who could not secure admission to a medical college, but met the minimum educational criteria.

But there is no one solution to such catastrophe. There is no short cut to success, It is hard work and consistent perseverance that will bear you fruit. But again, sometimes right strategy and guidance is what most students do not have access to. With the ever so increasing competitive environment, students should get themselves familiarized to “Smart Strategising’.

Nikhil Malhotra, can be the guiding light to help lost and confused students. Nikhil is India’s most followed career coach who has mentored over 100,000 students in the past 15 years. He is a visionary and a leader who firmly believes every human being has the talent and wit to make a great career provided they get the right guidance. Nikhil Malhotra will provide you with the most wanted insight in your life that you are in most need as of now…


Nikhil Malhotra
Nikhil Malhotra
I am India’s most followed career consultant, life coach, mentor and guide. My experience in the area of career counselling and mentoring spans almost two decades during which I have helped more than ONE LAKH students in identifying their life goals, excel in their career and have a fulfilling life. I am based out of Delhi in India.
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