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Nikhil Malhotra is India’s most followed career coach having mentored over 100,000 students in the past 15 years. He is a visionary and a leader who firmly believes every human being has the talent and wit to make a great career provided they get the right guidance from the right coach at the right time!

He has inspired his students to not only excel in their careers but also have a fulfilling life.

Here are testimonials from some of his students who Nikhil has mentored and consulted –

  • "I met Nikhil sir in 2008 ans was struggling with career options after engineering. He not only guided me of possible career options in India, but also helped me choose a great course in Australia that landed me a very good job at IBM. Thank you sir!"

    Neeraj SalujaSr.Manager IBM
  • “I wanted to be a photographer since childhood, but was unable to convince my parents and myself about a career in this field. Nikhil Sir not only informed us about various career possibilities and opportunities in this field, he also got me in touch with some of the best courses and photographers to start my career. ”

    Jitin JohnFashion Photographer
  • “I was depressed after a poor performance in my board exams in 2009. Nikhil Sir turned out to be my guiding light and mentor and inspired as well as motivated me. He charted out a career overhaul plan for me and today all thanks to him, I am a successful company secretary. ”

    Ritu RayCompany Secretery
  • Nikhil sir helped in identifying my passions and life goals. I was clueless after school and he helped me in planning my life and career. You must meet him once before taking any critical career or life decision.

    Sunny AroraSelf-Employed
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