Nikhil Malhotra is India’s most followed career coach having mentored over 100,000 students in the past 15 years. He is a visionary and a leader who firmly believes every human being has the talent and wit to make a great career provided they get the right guidance from the right coach at the right time! He has inspired his students to not only excel in their careers but also have a fulfilling life.

Looking for an expert career consultant to mentor you and enable you to achieve more in life?

If you are at the crossroads of your career, then Nikhil can help you with…

Identification of Life’s Key Objectives

Translating your passions into viable careers

What after 10+2?

Why study abroad?

What are the most rewarding careers in India?

Why you should change your career right now?

Nikhil’s proven approach to your ideal career and life

  • Soul Search

    Understand & identify your key career objectives

  • Exploring Your Options

    Understand the elements of your ideal career.

  • Identify Hot Opportunities

    Study Market Trends & Brainstorm New Career Possibilities.

  • Make Decisions

    Finalize a career strategy and make practical decisions.

  • Conquer The World

    Execute your career plan and reap rich rewards.

Nikhil can solve life’s problems for you and help you sprint faster towards your goals

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